Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seam Carving GUI Speedy Edition

Well, it's been a while since the last release of the Seam Carving GUI. Brain_Recall recently put some more work into makeing CAIR more multi-threaded when possible claiming performance improvements of 30-70%.
Some of these changes were in the 1.10 release, but unfortuntately, that broke the Mac OS X build as he used some posix semaphores (which apparently are not supported in Mac, although seemgly compile). So for the 1.11 update I ported CAIR 2.19 to the mac by using some cross-platform trickery.

Also, I used the opportunity to make ramses build scripts (another project of mine) for the project and Qt 4.5.2 for msvc from qt-msvc-installer (yet another project of mine). The results are that you gain the benifit of the MSVC 2008 optimizing compiler for more speed and a sparkley, shortcut making windows installer for more convenience.

Get the latest now and experience the speed improvements from multiple fronts.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seam Carving GUI Revivied

I received a source update from Brain_ReCall (Joe) including his updated CAIR v.2.15.1 and the following:

  • Foward Energy Parameter
  • Progress bar when running HD Quality
  • Retain/Remove/Clear brush cursor now properly scales with the image zoom level
Also, I took into consideration some feedback I received and added the following improvements:
  • Save/Load of the Mask now available (as a .png)
  • The Mask is saved/restored during Undo/Redo operations
  • Shortcuts use Qt's platform specific definitions (hopefully allowing them to work on Mac)
  • Upgraded to Qt 4.4.1 (hopefully allowing for better performance)
As usual, get the latest source and binaries at the seam-carving-gui download page.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Relicense and Update Seam Carving GUI

Well, demand has been pretty steady for the Seam Carving GUI so I've gone ahead and updated it to the latest version of CAIR. Joe says there should be some model performance improvements and possibly some behavior fixes.

Last week a link to the Google Code page for the application made it pretty high (6th or 7th) on which brought in a flurry of traffic :) I hope some people found the program useful.

I have relicensed the program as GPL v2.0 and Joe will be relicensing CAIR as LGPL v2.1 (and gave me permission to redistribute it under that license). This came after a commenter notified us of the incompatibility of GPL v3.0 and Qt4 from Trolltech which is GPL v2.0. Apparently v2 and v3 are incompatible licenses. I find in unfortunate that an open source license is creating these types of divisions and inconveniences in the free software community, but the folks in the GPL v3 camp are vary passionate about the IP stuff that the v3 license protects even to the detriment of license compatibility.

As usual, get the latest source and binaries at the seam-carving-gui download page.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's That? More Seam Carving Craziness?

They just don't stop coming: more for those in the liquid resizing/content aware image resizing/seam carving implementation scene.

Brain_Recall gets most of the credit for this one, as he modified his source and the GUI and sent me the update. I added some tool-tips, tried to make the GUI more user friendly and cleaned up some of the implementation.

New goodies:
  • HD Quality parameter which produces better results when decreases both dimensions of an image but is more computationally expensive.
  • Add Weight/Weight Scale parameters. These were hard coded before, now you can play around with them although the defaults should work in most cases.
  • Removed Marked button - will shrink an image enough to remove a red area marked for removal and then stretch it back to the original dimensions. The classic "get that guy out of my photo" solution.
As usual, get the latest source and binaries at the seam-carving-gui download page.